2023-24 Boys Overall Club Rankings

The club rankings are calculated by taking the average rating of the top 4 teams in the club (excluding 2031). Maximum of one team per age level. In addition, a team must have met the minimum number of games to be ranked in order to be factored into their club's overall rating.

Rank Club Location Rating Links
1 Team 91 Long Island Long Island, NY 98.428 Team 91 Long Island Website Team 91 Long Island Facebook Team 91 Long Island Twitter Team 91 Long Island Instagram
2 Annapolis Hawks Annapolis, MD 97.965 Annapolis Hawks Website
3 Mad Dog Lacrosse National NATIONAL 97.743 Mad Dog Lacrosse National Website
4 Laxachusetts Boston, MA 97.710 Laxachusetts Website
5 Next Level Spartans Bethesda, MD 97.510 Next Level Spartans Website
6 Leading Edge Lacrosse Metuchen, NJ 97.428 Leading Edge Lacrosse Website
7 West Coast Starz CA 97.388 West Coast Starz Website
8 Sweetlax Lacrosse Regional, FL 97.318 Sweetlax Lacrosse Website
9 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Florham Park, NJ 97.245 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
10 Eclipse LC Fairfield County, CT 97.230 Eclipse LC Website
11 Red Hots Lacrosse Pittsburgh, PA 97.100 Red Hots Lacrosse Website
12 3D New England Boston, MA 96.993 3D New England Website 3D New England Facebook 3D New England Twitter 3D New England Instagram
13 2Way Greenwich, CT 96.930 2Way Website 2Way Facebook 2Way Twitter 2Way Instagram
14 Long Island Express Lacrosse Long Island, NY 96.873 Long Island Express Lacrosse Website
15 Crabs Lacrosse Baltimore, MD 96.793 Crabs Lacrosse Website
16 ADVNC NDP San Francisco, CA 96.763 ADVNC NDP Website
17 Sweetlax Upstate Rochester, NY 96.473
18 Colorado Kings Castle Pines, CO 96.193 Colorado Kings Website
19 Primetime Lacrosse New York, NY 95.923 Primetime Lacrosse Website
20 Resolute Lacrosse Columbus, OH 95.895 Resolute Lacrosse Website
21 Dukes Lacrosse Newton Square, PA 95.823 Dukes Lacrosse Website
22 Texas Nationals Lacrosse Club Dallas, TX 95.768 Texas Nationals Lacrosse Club Website
23 Mad Dog Lacrosse West Los Angeles, CA 95.765 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
24 FCA Maryland Towson, MD 95.748 FCA Maryland Website
25 3D Georgia Atlanta, GA 95.688 3D Georgia Website 3D Georgia Facebook 3D Georgia Twitter 3D Georgia Instagram
26 MadLax DMV Area, VA 95.580 MadLax Website
27 Thunder Lacrosse Atlanta, GA 95.495 Thunder Lacrosse Website
28 Team TEN Wayne, PA 95.440 Team TEN Website
29 True National Lacrosse NATIONAL 95.358 True National Lacrosse Website
30 Team 91 Charlotte Charlotte, NC 95.353 Team 91 Charlotte Website
31 True Illinois IL 94.955 True Illinois Website
32 Express North Darien, CT 94.903 Express North Website
33 Team 91 Maryland Cross Keys, MD 94.628 Team 91 Maryland Website
34 DC Express Gaithersburg, DC 94.530 DC Express Website
35 Orange Crush Lacrosse Syracuse Syracuse, NY 94.528 Orange Crush Lacrosse Syracuse  Website
36 ADVNC NDP NorCal NorCal, CA 94.058 ADVNC NDP NorCal Website
37 Igloo Lacrosse Syosset, NY 94.018 Igloo Lacrosse Website Igloo Lacrosse Facebook Igloo Lacrosse Twitter Igloo Lacrosse Instagram
38 Team 91 Colorado Douglas County, CO 93.713 Team 91 Colorado Website
39 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse East Islip, NY 93.653 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse Website
40 4leaf lacrosse Southern NH, NH 93.588 4leaf lacrosse Website
41 Shore 2 Shore Nassau County, NY 93.478 Shore 2 Shore Website Shore 2 Shore Twitter Shore 2 Shore Instagram
42 Westchester Predators Lacrosse Westchester, NY 93.398 Westchester Predators Lacrosse Website
43 True Maryland MD 93.345 True Maryland Website
44 Nationals Lacrosse Club NATIONAL 93.340 Nationals Lacrosse Club Website
45 Seattle Starz Seattle, WA 93.313 Seattle Starz Website
46 Juiced Cherries Franklin, MI 93.220 Juiced Cherries Website
47 Philadelphia Freedom Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA 92.748 Philadelphia Freedom Lacrosse Website
48 Tri State Lacrosse NJ 92.303 Tri State Lacrosse Website
49 New Hampshire Tomahawks Bedford, NH 92.255 New Hampshire Tomahawks Website
50 Long Island Rebels Lacrosse Club Plainview, NY 92.050 Long Island Rebels Lacrosse Club Website
51 3D Garden State Westfield, NJ 91.985 3D Garden State Website
52 Team 91 Carolina Raleigh, NC 91.683 Team 91 Carolina Website
53 Clippers LC Annapolis, MD 91.515 Clippers LC Website Clippers LC Instagram
54 NXT Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA 91.475 NXT Lacrosse Website
55 Richmond Hawks Richmond, VA 91.453 Richmond Hawks Website
56 Utah Summit UT 91.428 Utah Summit Website Utah Summit Twitter Utah Summit Instagram
57 City Side Lax Seattle, WA 91.343 City Side Lax Website
58 Team 91 Georgia Atlanta, GA 91.253 Team 91 Georgia Website Team 91 Georgia Facebook Team 91 Georgia Twitter Team 91 Georgia Instagram
59 New England Twisters Boston, MA 91.195 New England Twisters Website
60 Fusion Lacrosse Philly Philadelphia, PA 91.125 Fusion Lacrosse Philly Website
61 SouthShore Lacrosse Richland, NJ 91.110 SouthShore Lacrosse Website
62 Mesa Lacrosse Haverford, PA 90.930 Mesa Lacrosse Website
63 Team 11 Philadelphia, PA 90.753 Team 11 Website
64 Prostart Lacrosse Annapolis, MD 90.540 Prostart Lacrosse Website
65 Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club West Chester, PA 90.533 Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Website Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Facebook Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Twitter Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Instagram
66 Big 4 HHH National Fort Washington, PA 90.508 Big 4 HHH National Website
67 Blue Star Lacrosse Medford, NJ 90.508 Blue Star Lacrosse Website
68 Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Alexandria, VA 90.490 Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Website Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Facebook Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Twitter
69 Alcatraz Outlaws NOVATO, CA 90.223 Alcatraz Outlaws Website
70 Team Oregon Lacrosse Portland, OR 90.215 Team Oregon Lacrosse Website Team Oregon Lacrosse Instagram
71 ADVNC San Francisco Palo Alto, CA 90.158 ADVNC San Francisco Website
72 California Gold REGIONAL, CA 90.060 California Gold Website
73 NJ Riot Lacrosse Chester, NJ 90.010 NJ Riot Lacrosse Website
74 East Ave Lacrosse Elmhurst, IL 89.950 East Ave Lacrosse Website
75 Cavalry Lacrosse Club CT 89.908 Cavalry Lacrosse Club Website Cavalry Lacrosse Club Facebook Cavalry Lacrosse Club Twitter Cavalry Lacrosse Club Instagram
76 3D Upstate Rochester, NY 89.895 3D Upstate Website
77 True Utah UT 89.763 True Utah Website
78 Mad Dog New Jersey NJ Shore, NJ 89.748 Mad Dog New Jersey Website
79 Team 91 Tri-State NY 89.688 Team 91 Tri-State Website
80 Team America Lacrosse 89.585 Team America	Lacrosse Website
81 Harvest Lacrosse Webster, NY 89.563 Harvest Lacrosse Website
82 Maryland Predators LC Timonium, MD 89.505 Maryland Predators LC Website
83 Delco Lacrosse Club Folsom, PA 89.465 Delco Lacrosse Club Website
84 Team Carolina Charlotte, NC 89.193 Team Carolina Website
85 Headlines Lacrosse greater cincinnati, OH 89.095 Headlines Lacrosse Website
86 Omnia Lacrosse Blomfield Hills, MI 89.068 Omnia Lacrosse Website
87 Alpha State Milwaukee, WI 89.058 Alpha State Website
88 Zingos Lacrosse Club Ellicot, MD 89.015 Zingos Lacrosse Club Website
89 3 Point Lacrosse NC Raleigh, NC 88.995 3 Point Lacrosse NC Website
90 Denver Elite Denver, CO 88.958 Denver Elite Website
91 True Virginia Fairfax Station , VA 88.883 True Virginia Website
92 True Florida FL 88.830 True Florida Website
93 True Indiana IN 88.803 True Indiana Website
94 Carolina Miners Charlotte, NC 88.755 Carolina Miners Website
95 True Pennsylvannia PA 88.693 True Pennsylvannia Website
96 2Way North Simsbury, CT 88.658 2Way North Website 2Way North Facebook 2Way North Twitter 2Way North Instagram
97 FLC - Florida Lacrosse Club FL 88.580 FLC - Florida Lacrosse Club Website
98 Team Maryland Lacrosse Club Buckeystown, MD 88.558 Team Maryland Lacrosse Club Website
99 True Upstate Syracuse, NY 88.515 True Upstate Website
100 FCA Upstate Rochester, NY 88.473 FCA Upstate Website
101 ADVNC TEXAS Dallas, TX 88.390 ADVNC TEXAS Website
102 Coastal Lacrosse Academy Delaware DE 88.375 Coastal Lacrosse Academy Delaware Website Coastal Lacrosse Academy Delaware Instagram
103 2 Knights Lacrosse (2KL) Bridgewater, NJ 88.348 2 Knights Lacrosse (2KL) Website
104 Jersey Thunder Morris & Sussex, NJ 88.343 Jersey Thunder Website
105 SouthStar TX 88.298 SouthStar Website
106 RI Bulldogs lacrosse Smithfield, RI 88.183 RI Bulldogs lacrosse Website
107 PROMO - Project Missouri MO 88.130
108 Impulse Oklahoma City, OK 88.110 Impulse Website
109 Boston Kings Boston, MA 88.090 Boston Kings Website
110 Second City Chicago, IL 88.023 Second City Website
111 South Sound Tacoma, WA 87.995 South Sound Website
112 NJLC Lacrosse Allentown, NJ 87.918 NJLC Lacrosse Website
113 Maryland Cannons Select Lacrosse Owings, MD 87.858 Maryland Cannons Select Lacrosse Website
114 Steps Elite Lacrosse Randolph, NJ 87.835 Steps Elite Lacrosse Website
115 Sweetlax Charleston Loggerheads Charleston, SC 87.810 Sweetlax Charleston Loggerheads Website
116 HGR North Andover, MA 87.805 HGR Website
117 True Ohio OH 87.783 True Ohio Website
118 Northstar Lacrosse Dallas, TX 87.783
119 Dragons LC Fairfield, CT 87.708 Dragons LC Website
120 Iron Horse Dallas Dallas, TX 87.705 Iron Horse Dallas Website Iron Horse Dallas Facebook Iron Horse Dallas Twitter Iron Horse Dallas Instagram
121 True Blue Long Island, NY 87.683 True Blue Website
122 True Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 87.588
123 East Coast Lacrosse Sayville, NY 87.540 East Coast Lacrosse Website
124 Roughriders Pennsylvania West Chester, PA 87.523 Roughriders Pennsylvania Website
125 3D Colorado Denver, CO 87.448 3D Colorado Website
126 Blak Widow Lacrosse Central PA, PA 87.390 Blak Widow Lacrosse Website
127 Brotherhood Lacrosse Wyckoff, NJ 87.383 Brotherhood Lacrosse Website
128 True Minnesota MN 87.378 True Minnesota Website
129 SoCal Express Orange County, CA 87.218 SoCal Express Website
130 6 Star Lacrosse Denver, CO 87.115 6 Star Lacrosse Website
131 Patriot Lacrosse Morris County, NJ 87.105 Patriot Lacrosse Website
132 True North Carolina NC 87.015 True North Carolina Website
133 Top Caliber Lacrosse Alexandria, VA 86.968 Top Caliber Lacrosse Website
134 UNRL Minnesota Eagan, MN 86.910 UNRL Minnesota Website
135 Birmingham Bandits Birmingham, AL 86.805 Birmingham Bandits Website
136 True Idaho ID 86.740 True Idaho Website
137 Hoco Lacrosse Howard, MD 86.570 Hoco Lacrosse Website
137 Hoco Lacrosse Howard, MD 86.570 Hoco Lacrosse Website
138 Team Connecticut New Haven, CT 86.558 Team Connecticut Website
139 CT Wolves Westport, CT 86.528 CT Wolves Website
140 Long Island Rebels East Wading River, NY 86.498 Long Island Rebels East Website
141 Triad Elite Sweetlax Triad, NC 86.453 Triad Elite Sweetlax Website
142 Upper Level Elite Chatham, NJ 86.423 Upper Level Elite Website
142 Upper Level Elite Chatham, NJ 86.423 Upper Level Elite Website
143 Riot North Orangeburg, NY 86.395 Riot North Website
144 Team One Glenview, IL 86.323 Team One Website
145 Dirty Birds GA Marietta, GA 86.273 Dirty Birds GA  Website Dirty Birds GA  Facebook Dirty Birds GA  Twitter Dirty Birds GA  Instagram
146 Sweetlax Albany Stags Albany, NY 86.213 Sweetlax Albany Stags Website
147 Dominate Lacrosse Northville, MI 86.165 Dominate Lacrosse Website
148 Team 91 New Jersey NJ 86.083 Team 91 New Jersey Website
149 True Westchester Westchester, NY 85.945 True Westchester Website
150 Black Bear Lacrosse Trappe, PA 85.825 Black Bear Lacrosse Website
151 Supreme Lacrosse Houston, TX 85.818 Supreme Lacrosse Website Supreme Lacrosse Instagram
152 True New Jersey NJ 85.748 True New Jersey Website
153 Orange Crush Buffalo Buffalo, NY 85.620 Orange Crush Buffalo Website
154 IM3 Lancaster, PA 85.418 IM3 Website
155 Fusion Lacrosse Virginia Virginia Beach, VA 85.398 Fusion Lacrosse Virginia Website
156 Commonwealth Kings Lexington, KY 85.263 Commonwealth Kings Website
157 3D New England South Hartford, CT 85.213 3D New England South Website 3D New England South Facebook 3D New England South Twitter 3D New England South Instagram
158 South Bay Lacrosse club Manhattan Beach, CA 85.158 South Bay Lacrosse club Website
159 Tenacious Turtles Smithtown, NY 85.108 Tenacious Turtles Website
160 Coyotes Lacrosse MA Medway, MA 84.958 Coyotes Lacrosse MA Website Coyotes Lacrosse MA Instagram
161 High Sierra Avalanche Northern Nevada, NV 84.870 High Sierra Avalanche Website
162 802 Lacrosse Williston, VT 84.638 802 Lacrosse Website
163 Connecticut Valley Suffield, CT 84.625 Connecticut Valley Website
164 Evolution Lacrosse Academy Montclair, NJ 84.473 Evolution Lacrosse Academy Website
165 Recon Lacrosse Plainview, NY 84.430 Recon Lacrosse Website
166 Penguins Select Natick, MA 84.055 Penguins Select Website
167 HLC - Hereford Lacrosse Parkton, MD 84.043 HLC - Hereford Lacrosse Website
168 Yeti Lacrosse Cary, IL 84.043 Yeti Lacrosse Website
169 Legacy Lacrosse Georgia GA 83.923 Legacy Lacrosse Georgia Website
170 South Jersey Shamrocks Southern, NJ 83.848 South Jersey Shamrocks Website
171 ADVNC East Bay Orinda, CA 83.793 ADVNC East Bay Website
172 Team Virginia Lacrosse Loudon, VA 83.708 Team Virginia Lacrosse Website Team Virginia Lacrosse Instagram
173 Atlanta Empire Atlanta, GA 83.690 Atlanta Empire Website
174 BJ Sports Bandits Lacrosse (MI) Kalamazoo, MI 83.643 BJ Sports Bandits Lacrosse (MI) Website BJ Sports Bandits Lacrosse (MI) Facebook
175 Houlagan Lacrosse Dover, NH 83.633 Houlagan Lacrosse Website
176 MDLL Select Edgewater, MD 83.443 MDLL Select Website
177 Midwest Top Gun Kansas City, MO 83.280 Midwest Top Gun Website
178 Team 91 Empire Mt. Sinai, NY 82.693 Team 91 Empire Website
179 Gaffer Elite Big Flats, NY 82.668 Gaffer Elite Website
180 True Colorado CO 82.635 True Colorado Website
181 Blue Claws Bel Air, MD 82.570 Blue Claws Website Blue Claws Facebook
182 Ville Lacrosse Club Catonsville , MD 82.550 Ville Lacrosse Club Website
183 Rebels Maryland DMV Rockville, MD 82.445 Rebels Maryland DMV Website
184 801 Tribe Sandy, UT 82.430 801 Tribe Website
185 Riverfront Raptors Scranton, PA 82.033 Riverfront Raptors Website
186 CheckMate Larosse Garden City, NY 81.963 CheckMate Larosse Website
187 Team Turnpike West Windsor, NJ 81.933 Team Turnpike Website
188 Headstrong Lehigh Valley (LV) Lehigh Valley, PA 81.925
189 Seven Hills Worcester, MA 81.685 Seven Hills Website
190 Deep South Thrashers Marietta, GA 81.558 Deep South Thrashers Website
191 Black Jack Lacrosse Dublin, OH 81.405 Black Jack Lacrosse Website
192 Bolts Lacrosse Denver, CO 81.110 Bolts Lacrosse Website
193 Columbia Elite Columbia, SC 80.923
194 Headstrong SJ Swedesboro/Woolwich, NJ 80.488 Headstrong SJ Website
195 495 Lacrosse Club Franklin, MA 80.210 495 Lacrosse Club	 Website 495 Lacrosse Club	 Facebook 495 Lacrosse Club	 Twitter 495 Lacrosse Club	 Instagram
196 Upstate Carolina Lacrosse NC 79.793 Upstate Carolina Lacrosse Facebook
197 Rebels LC Maryland North Frederick, MD 79.393 Rebels LC Maryland North Website
198 Defy Lacrosse Denver, CO 79.013 Defy Lacrosse Website

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