2023-24 Girls Overall Club Rankings

The club rankings are calculated by taking the average rating of the top 4 teams in the club (excluding 2031). Maximum of one team per age level. In addition, a team must have met the minimum number of games to be ranked in order to be factored into their club's overall rating.

Rank Club Location Rating Links
1 Hero's Lacrosse Club Baltimore, MD 99.263 Hero's Lacrosse Club Website
2 Long Island Yellow Jackets Holtsville, NY 99.133 Long Island Yellow Jackets Website
3 M & D Lacrosse Columbia, MD 99.090 M & D Lacrosse Website
4 Eagle Stix Lacrosse Milton, GA 98.063 Eagle Stix Lacrosse Website
5 Long Island Jesters Massapequa, NY 97.663 Long Island Jesters Website
6 Mass Elite Canton, MA 97.183 Mass Elite Website
7 Primetime Lacrosse New York, NY 96.950 Primetime Lacrosse Website
8 Aces Elite Upstate Rochester, NY 96.940 Aces Elite Upstate Website
9 Coppermine LC Baltimore, MD 96.110 Coppermine LC Website
10 NXT Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA 96.038 NXT Lacrosse Website
11 Steps Elite Lacrosse Randolph, NJ 95.833 Steps Elite Lacrosse Website
12 Long Island Top Guns West Babylon, NY 95.830 Long Island Top Guns Website
13 Maryland United LC Annapolis, MD 95.660 Maryland United LC Website
14 Alliance Lacrosse NATIONAL, CA 95.570 Alliance Lacrosse  Website
15 STEPS California San Francisco, CA 95.393 STEPS California Website
16 Monster Elite Pittsford, NY 95.228 Monster Elite Website
17 HHH Philly Philadelphia, PA 95.225 HHH Philly Website
18 Skywalkers Lacrosse Baltimore, MD 95.178 Skywalkers Lacrosse Website
19 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse East Islip, NY 95.140 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse Website
20 CT Grizzlies Stamford, CT 94.118 CT Grizzlies Website
21 Philly Blast Philadelphia, PA 93.890 Philly Blast Website
22 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Florham Park, NJ 93.690 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
23 Mad Dog Lacrosse West Los Angeles, CA 93.685 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
24 Salt City Snipers Central NY, NY 92.978 Salt City Snipers Website
25 Team 180 Denver, CO 92.893 Team 180 Website
26 Centercourt Lacrosse Club - CLC ELITE Morristown, NJ 92.798 Centercourt Lacrosse Club  - CLC ELITE Website
27 Tradition Lacrosse Garden City, NY 92.783
28 Laxachusetts Boston, MA 92.640 Laxachusetts Website
29 All American Aim Voorhees, NJ 92.540 All American Aim Website
30 Long Island Liberty Plandome, NY 92.510 Long Island Liberty Website
31 Pride Lacrosse club Mclean, VA 92.220 Pride Lacrosse club Website
32 Team One Glenview, IL 91.788 Team One Website
33 Team Integrity Davidsonville, MD 91.745 Team Integrity Website
34 Urban Elite Lacrosse Denver, CO 91.673 Urban Elite Lacrosse Website
35 Ultimate Charlotte Lacrosse Charlotte, NC 91.378 Ultimate Charlotte Lacrosse Website
36 Team 91 Long Island Long Island, NY 91.273 Team 91 Long Island Website Team 91 Long Island Facebook Team 91 Long Island Twitter Team 91 Long Island Instagram
37 Tenacity Project Bay Area, CA 91.260 Tenacity Project Website
38 Gold Coast Wilton, CT 91.225 Gold Coast Website
39 Sound Lacrosse Greenwich, CT 90.925 Sound Lacrosse Website
40 Stars Lacrosse Alexandria, VA 90.923 Stars Lacrosse Website
41 3D Common Goal Rochester, NY 90.895 3D Common Goal Website
42 Yellow Jackets South Richmond, VA 90.770 Yellow Jackets South Website
43 Team 91 National NATIONAL 90.760 Team 91 National Website
44 Lax Maniax Palm Beach, FL 90.615 Lax Maniax Website
45 Grit Lacrosse Dallas, TX 90.603 Grit Lacrosse Website
46 Phantastix Radnor, PA 90.585 Phantastix Website
47 Atlanta Storm Atlanta, GA 90.498 Atlanta Storm Website
49 M & D Orlando Orlando, FL 90.443 M & D Orlando Website
50 Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse Flemington/Hillsboro, NJ 90.428 Triple Threat Elite Lacrosse Website
51 3D Colorado Denver, CO 90.415 3D Colorado Website
52 Charlotte Style Charlotte, NC 90.390 Charlotte Style Website
53 NEMS Lacrosse North East, MD 90.265 NEMS Lacrosse Website
54 Orange Crush Lacrosse Syracuse Syracuse, NY 90.218 Orange Crush Lacrosse Syracuse  Website
55 All Lax Tinton Falls, NJ 90.135 All Lax Website
56 Chesapeake Club Lax (CCLax) Annapolis, MD 90.120 Chesapeake Club Lax (CCLax) Website
57 Southern Zone Johns Creek, GA 89.808 Southern Zone Website
58 Cav Lax Elite Charlottesville, VA 89.555 Cav Lax Elite Website
59 New Hampshire Tomahawks Bedford, NH 89.465 New Hampshire Tomahawks Website
60 Hoco Lacrosse Howard, MD 89.395 Hoco Lacrosse Website
60 Hoco Lacrosse Howard, MD 89.395 Hoco Lacrosse Website
61 FLG Lacrosse Huntington, NY 89.315 FLG Lacrosse Website
62 Yellow Jackets North - Westchester Pleasantville, NY 89.270 Yellow Jackets North - Westchester Website
63 Delco Lacrosse Club Folsom, PA 89.175 Delco Lacrosse Club Website
64 Compass Lacrosse (Snipers Elite) Westchester, NY 89.145 Compass Lacrosse (Snipers Elite) Website
65 South Jersey Select Southern, NJ 89.078 South Jersey Select Website
66 Jersey Shore Select Fair Haven, NJ 89.065 Jersey Shore Select Website
67 Westchester Predators Lacrosse Westchester, NY 89.005 Westchester Predators Lacrosse Website
68 Yellow Jackets Mid-Atlantic Northern Virginia, MD 88.873 Yellow Jackets Mid-Atlantic Website
69 Metro Lacrosse Westchester, NY 88.778 Metro Lacrosse Website
70 Check Hers Lacrosse Carrol County, MD 88.768 Check Hers Lacrosse Website
71 National Premier Lakeshore Lacrosse Chicago, IL 88.538 National Premier Lakeshore Lacrosse Website
72 Dynasty Lacrosse Devon, PA 88.393 Dynasty Lacrosse Website
73 Xtreme Lacrosse Club Lancaster, PA 88.378 Xtreme Lacrosse Club Website
74 Oregon Pride Tualatin, OR 88.260 Oregon Pride Website
75 REV Boston, MA 88.180 REV Website
76 LA Select LC Los Angeles, CA 87.933
77 MC Elite Bethesda, MD 87.885 MC Elite Website
78 Minnesota Elite Minneapolis, MN 87.710 Minnesota Elite Website
79 3D New England Boston, MA 87.655 3D New England Website 3D New England Facebook 3D New England Twitter 3D New England Instagram
80 Coast Lacrosse San Diego, CA 87.610 Coast Lacrosse Website
81 Arc Lacrosse Club Seattle, WA 87.490 Arc Lacrosse Club Website
82 Bay State Bullets Acton, MA 87.450 Bay State Bullets Website
83 Lax on Elite LC Suffolk County, NY 87.283 Lax on Elite LC Website
84 Storm Select Florida Orlando, FL 87.260 Storm Select Florida Website
85 Team 91 Colorado Douglas County, CO 87.133 Team 91 Colorado Website
86 AFA Lacrosse Apex, NC 87.110 AFA Lacrosse Website
87 Lucky Lax Columbus, OH 87.095 Lucky Lax Website
88 True Belles Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA 86.975 True Belles Lacrosse Website
89 TLC Lutherville, MD 86.828 TLC Website
90 UPROAR Crofton, MD 86.815 UPROAR Website
91 Team 91 Carolina Raleigh, NC 86.610 Team 91 Carolina Website
92 Granite State Elite Milford, NH 86.543 Granite State Elite Website
93 Yellow Jackets North - Rockland Rockland County, NY 86.438 Yellow Jackets North - Rockland Website
94 Pittsburgh Premier Lacrosse Club (PPLC) Pittsburgh, PA 86.220 Pittsburgh Premier Lacrosse Club (PPLC) Website
95 Ultimate Goal Lacrosse (PA) Chesco, PA 86.058 Ultimate Goal Lacrosse (PA) Website
96 Philadelphia Freedom Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA 86.043 Philadelphia Freedom Lacrosse Website
97 Reign Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA 85.943 Reign Lacrosse Website
98 FCA Maryland Towson, MD 85.880 FCA Maryland Website
99 3D Garden State Westfield, NJ 85.848 3D Garden State Website
100 Ultimate Lax Pittsburgh, PA 85.623 Ultimate Lax Facebook
101 Vortex Elite Chandler, AZ 85.523 Vortex Elite Website Vortex Elite Facebook Vortex Elite Instagram
102 Ultimate Goal Lacrosse (LV) Allentown, PA 85.398 Ultimate Goal Lacrosse (LV) Website
103 Maxim Lacrosse STRONGSVILLE, OH 85.310 Maxim Lacrosse Website
104 City Side Lax Seattle, WA 84.968 City Side Lax Website
105 3D VA Metro Oakton, VA 84.683 3D VA Metro Website
106 Impact Lacrosse OH Columbus, OH 84.633 Impact Lacrosse OH Website Impact Lacrosse OH Twitter Impact Lacrosse OH Instagram
107 South Coast Texas Lacrosse Houston, TX 84.630 South Coast Texas Lacrosse Website
108 Eastern Shore Pirates LC (ESLC) Salisbury, DE 84.290 Eastern Shore Pirates LC (ESLC) Website
109 South Jersey Shamrocks Southern, NJ 84.278 South Jersey Shamrocks Website
110 ADVNC East Bay Orinda, CA 83.933 ADVNC East Bay Website
111 Centercourt Lacrosse Club - CLC BOLD Gillette, NJ 83.848 Centercourt Lacrosse Club  - CLC BOLD Website
112 Centercourt Lacrosse Club - CLC RISE Montclair, NJ 83.820 Centercourt Lacrosse Club - CLC RISE Website
113 MD Rebels ThinkLax Frederick, MD 83.515 MD Rebels ThinkLax Website
114 Next Level Spartans Bethesda, MD 83.363 Next Level Spartans Website
115 Jets Lacrosse Southern Maryland, MD 82.858 Jets Lacrosse Website
116 True California Danville, CA 82.790 True California Website
117 Virginia One Fairfax County, VA 82.750 Virginia One Website
118 Lady Ballers Westchester, NY 82.720 Lady Ballers Website
119 HGR North Andover, MA 82.715 HGR Website
120 ADK Lacrosse Queensbury, NY 82.535 ADK Lacrosse Website
121 Central Lacrosse Marlborough, MA 82.453 Central Lacrosse Website
122 Mad Dog New Jersey NJ Shore, NJ 82.138 Mad Dog New Jersey Website
123 Carolina Coast East Carolina, NC 82.065 Carolina Coast Website
124 Massachusetts Aces Lacrosse Club Andover, MA 81.873 Massachusetts Aces Lacrosse Club Website
125 X-Treme Lax Factory Oakland, NJ 81.600 X-Treme Lax Factory Website
126 315 Elite Lacrosse Syracuse, NY 81.465 315 Elite Lacrosse Website
127 NorCal RIZE Northern CA, CA 80.003 NorCal RIZE Website
128 Team 11 Philadelphia, PA 79.840 Team 11 Website
129 Lotus Richmond, VA 79.215 Lotus Website
130 Jersey Thunder Morris & Sussex, NJ 78.335 Jersey Thunder Website
131 Yellow Jackets Dutchess Dutchess, NY 78.070
132 R2 Lacrosse Club Westchester, NY 77.460 R2 Lacrosse Club Website

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