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USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 3/25)


USClubLax Staff

Mar 25, 2022

USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 3/25)

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In our first rankings update in almost two months, we have added over 300 new game scores from 11 new tournaments. While there wasn't much change with the 2023-2025 age levels due to their focus on the High School teams, there was plenty of movement with the 2026-2028 age levels.

The NGLL MidAtlantic, NGLLSoutheast, and the Long Island Elite Lacrosse League kicked off this Spring and have alrady made an impact in the rankings even though these league games extend through the end of May. We saw teams like Hero's Green (2026) rise to the #3 spot after a 10-2 win against #5 STARS Light Blue (2026) or Pride Red (2026) and Pride Red (2027) move up a few spots into the top ten in their respected age levels. New teams entered the rankings like #16 Tradition Lacrosse (2027). We also had teams like Madskillz - Florida Select continue their dominance in the 2026, 2027, and 2028 age levels

Events like the LWSC North Qualifier, Spring Thaw, Spring Season Launch, Spring Bloom, and the March Kickoff Invitational shook things up for the Middle Schoolers. In the 2026 age level, we get our first look at #2 Tigers XXVI (2026) and #21 Towermen (2026) in the national rankings. The Tivers XXVI are a great squad and are a shade behind #1 LI Express Channy in rating after edging them by a goal at Spring Thaw. The Towermen went 3-0 at Spring Season Launch. #7 Annapolis Hawks Green also jumped up 10 spots after strong performances at Spring Thaw and Spring Bloom losing only to Tigers XXVI.

After a first place finish at the LWSC North Qualifier, #6 Eclipse AA (2027) makes their debut in the national rankings. #8 Team PA (2027) also debuts in the top ten after three impressive wins over top 25 teams.

At the 2028 age level, #3 Madlax Capital (2028) moved up a few spots after a very strong performance at Spring Thaw to improve to 17-1 on the season. Their only loss was to #1 Express North Black (2028). #9 Akwesawne Thunder and #8 2Way Black make their first appearances in the rankings after meeting the six game requirment this spring.

As a reminder, our ratings goes beyond wins and losses and analyzes how a team performs against the competition. We encourage people to utilize the "Ratings Math" tab located on each team page for a detailed summary of how a team's rating is impacted by each game.

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