POWER 20 Goalie - Bryce Ledwith (2023)


USClubLax Staff

Mar 15, 2021

POWER 20 Goalie - Bryce Ledwith (2023)

Bryce Ledwith - Virginia Episcopal School (VA) - Goalie - Annapolis Hawks

Bryce is one of the top goalies in the 2023 class. Makes tough stops. Never looks rattled when he does let in a goal. Determined to get the ball up field in the clear. Speaks well with his defenders. An Excellent goalie.

Click HERE to see Bryce Ledwith Highlights

"Super impressed with [Bryce's] inside game more than anything. The old saying of 'Make the saves you should and get the ones you shouldn't, Bryce is ahead of the curve with that and is a highlight type saving goalie where he steals some of the inside goales... He has that fast twitch muscle memory with his hands and his feet, so he has all of the tools you need to succeed at the next level." Video Breakdown by Kyle Bernlohr

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